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About Us

Woplaza is an independent cross-border e-commerce mall that specializes in selling products such as home furnishings, outdoor products, sports and health products. Introduce high-quality products from brand manufacturers, provide them to global users, and serve their daily lives.

Welcome to purchase. We are committed to providing you with good cooperation and experience.

Our commitment

We are a lovely studio from Jinan, the "Spring City" in Shandong, China. We strive to choose exquisite brand home furnishings, relying on woplaza.com to meet you, experience stories, enrich our lives, feel the comfort of beauty, and add joy to our lives.

We have been searching for attractive products with high quality and efficiency. Our brand comes from well-known categories in the industry, so you can always find your favorite home products on woplaza. Our goal is to combine the convenience of online shopping with the concepts of traditional commercial transactions, combine moderate pricing with the value of customer service, and provide high-quality and affordable wholesale and retail business experiences.

We are a small boat in the sea of commerce, or a carriage in a commercial train, bringing you and your favorite categories in life. Growing together, our dream is to strive to become a big ship or a train, communicate more, and bring more.  This is our goal, and our footsteps go hand in hand  by each other.